Leonardo Pinero-Perez

Welcome! Feel free to peruse some of my showcased projects, or scroll below for a closer look through my bio and portfolio.

17 Jun 2019: AIAA Aviation Conference Paper-Presentation

Interactive software is developed to alter the scheduled paths of unmanned-air vehicles so that they track target objects. The introduced methodology uses geometry and optimization to minimize the deviation from the original flight path while maximizing the amount of time the target is within the range of sight of the vehicle.

18 Aug 2019: ε-greedy Optimization

A weekend project to implement an introductory example of the trade-off between exploration and exploitation. This is based on the equations found in the 2nd chapter of Sutton and Barlo's RL text (2nd edition).

About Me

Currently interning with the Data Science Summer Institute at Lawrence-Livermore National Laboratory. This fall, I will begin my MS in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon. My interests include control theory, machine learning, reading sci-fi, and backpacking.

I have previously worked in flight control law development at Bell, in support of the Bell 525 Relentless and 360 Invictus helicopter programs.

My undergraduate honors thesis involved optimizing sizing parameters of trans-atmospheric vehicles for orbital inclination-change capability. I also conducted research under Dr. David Hullender, studying non-Newtonian flow through an annular ring.

Feel free to reach out by either of the means below:

+1 (817) 715-9626